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New in low-rise house-building

The block of a building frame design from a file of wood for erection of walls low-rise of inhabited and public buildings "Module"


The block has tightly-closed a torsion box with emptiness filled the thermal material. The Module is included into system the block basic and 0,5 blocks basic, block angular and 0,5 blocks angular, block of overlapping(blocking) of door and window apertures, also system can include blocks of the non-standard sizes on conditions of the individual architectural project.

The size of the block basic: 716x391x175 mm.

The area: 0,26 m2.

Weight: 14-15 kg.

Accounts for the block basic further are given.

Pure volume of wood of one block is equal 0,031 m3.

In total lumber on a product it is required: edge-surfaced lumber 0,055 m3, if edge-unsurfaced lumber 0,07 m3.

One m3 neat work contains 24 blocks. Pure volume of wood in 24 blocks makes: 0,031x24=0,744 m3.

In total lumber for manufacturing 24 blocks: 0,055x24=1,32 m3 or 0,07x24=1,68 m3.

The difference between pure volume and draft is equal: 1,32-0,744=0,576 m3 or 1,68-0,744=0,936 m3.


For manufacturing the block building the wood is suitable:

-for manufacturing a skeleton 2-3 grades

-for manufacturing facing 1 and 2 grades.

In details of a skeleton the insignificant cracks, cant, no more than 1/4 thickness and width blocking lumber, knots healthy and dropping out by the size no more than 1/4 width blocking lumber, blue, gum pockets are supposed.

In details of facing the superficial, not through cracks which are not dropping out knots, gum pockets are supposed. The outward facing board of the block can be carried out from thick plywood.

All listed defects are supposed in a product under the specially developed design-engineering circuit.

Humidity of wood 10-12 %.


The block building consists of 4-5 kinds of structurally simple details. The details are going in a product on glue by a method of cold or hot pressing. The emptiness inside the block is filled by a thermal material. Volume of a thermal material in one block makes 0,015 m3, in one m3 of blocks 0,01524=0,36 m3.

Assembly of one block need approximately 80-100 ml of glue, on manufacturing 24 blocks of 2,4 litres.



The machine tools are necessary for manufacture of blocks building:

-the multiedger for length cutting

-the tetralateral plane-milling machine

-the trimming in the size

-the milling machine tool

-the veneer jointer

-the dimensioning machine

-the gage

-the frames assembly bench

-the press.


For installation 24 blocks (1 m3 of a wall) are required 0,35-0,4 litres of glue, of assembly foam with a useful exit of 30 litres from one cylinder (1 cylinder on 48-50 of blocks is required).

Silicone sealant: cartridge in capacity 310 ml - on 10-12 of blocks, on 1 m3 of a wall 2 cartridges.

The installation of walls from blocks building is made without application of special building engineering. There is enough of two qualified workers, some simple adaptations and manual tool. The wall from modular blocks can in addition outside be reveted any of face systems. From within any additional furnish also is admitted.

The note: the finishing works will be carried out under the specially developed technological rules.

A size spectrum joiner's tool of building on All-Union standard not always coincides with size spectrum by the formed block building.


The best way of a storage in thermopac. Short term of a storage - dry closed warehouse, is convenient in loading and transportation.



The charge of a material on manufacturing of one block


The name of material

The price

Expenses of material

on 1 block

Expenditure in $

on 1 block

Edge-surfaced lumber, a pine, 10-12% of hm.


0,055 m3


Thermal insulation material


0,015 m3




0,1 litres








The charge of a material on installation 1 3 of a wall


The name of material

The price



The block modular


24 pieces




0,4 litres


Foam assembly


0,5 cylinder


Organo-siloxane polymer


620 ml (2 cartridges)







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